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Get answers to your questions about color grading, editing and finishing with DaVinci Resolve. Post a reply. Author Message. Tutorials compilation for technical questions and quick tips.

Sat Nov 26, pm Hello everyone, I hope this thread doesn't exist already but I didn't find it. As some people suggested in the thread about the way to help those who are new to Resolve, I propose to make here a compilation of all the tutorials and doc that could be relevant to solve issues regarding the software itself. It is not about achieving this or that kind of particular look, but only about questions such as : how do I manage users, how can I improve the playback, what is the difference between primary and logs Regarding colorgrading only there is the MixingLight Website, where it is possible to find free samples of the tutorials, and where it is possible to pay for an indepth training because unfortunately everything comes at a price, either time or money And for everyting about advanced colorgrading thoughts, the LiftGammaGain forum is full of very smart and experimented people.

Any help or new tutorials are welcome if it fits the purpose of technical and not esthetic topics I don't know if the difference makes a lot of sense, but it would not be about achieving a sort of mainstream orange and teal look, but how to use the scopes, the curves, the difference beetwen offset and gain, etc And if the admin thinks it worth to be sticked, so be it. Last edited by Alexandre Westphal on Sat Jan 21, pm, edited 2 times in total.

Re: Tutorials compilation for technical questions and quick. I like what Warren has to say because like me he comes from a telecine background, so he's been color correcting for more than 25 years.

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Warren also has a great sense of humor and a good personality, and that comes across very well in his tutorials. I would add that MixingLight has a sale going on right now and they did just unveil their I also highly recommend the LiftGammaGain. I find the key for all colorists is to open your mind to different ways of doing things. Once in awhile, even if I run into a complete idiot doing a tutorial on the web, they spark some interest in a new mode or a new approach to an operation I've done a thousand times, and sometimes it leads me to try something different.

It never hurts to weigh the pros and cons of different approaches.

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In that respect, color correction is a constantly-evolving kind of process not unlike the role of the cinematographer. No one lighting setup will work for all situations, and I find the same is true for color. But then, my philosophy has always been "I just bang on the knobs and then stop when the picture doesn't suck. Thu Dec 08, pm Just edited the list with the link suggested by mark and added two books : The color correction handbook and The definitive guide to editing with Da Vinci Resolve It is good to read things on paper sometimes Last edited by waltervolpatto on Tue Mar 07, pm, edited 2 times in total.

Thu Dec 08, pm waltervolpatto wrote: this should be pinned I started my first weapons with version 11 and I learned a lot for a price really very modest view the quality to start well with this software.

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Of course today there is a V Bien sur aujourd'hui il existe une V Sat Dec 31, am I add to the post of Jean Claude the videos form the yak yak yak website about resolve, in French, and mostly about the editing page. Sun Jan 15, pm build thread discussing Last edited by waltervolpatto on Thu Feb 09, pm, edited 1 time in total. Win Pro 10, iK 4. SSD boot drive, external drives for rushes. Wed Jan 18, pm I've found the kindle version of this book to be resourceful: Learning Davinci Resolve For a detailed description of the features of the graphics card, I have taken a tool from Nvidia Toolkit 7.

Hope this help. Not sure this can be very helpfull for someone who just want to know if a particular GPU works with Resolve. But it reminded me that I forgot the configuration guide from BMD in the list. I'll add it in an edit.

As always, GPU power is just a matter of speed for the workflow and renders Last edited by Jean Claude on Fri Sep 08, am, edited 1 time in total. And the author is very responsive to feedback and questions. Wed Apr 19, pm Good stuff, thanks for all the links. I'm relatively new to DaVinci Resolve and found most of the above tutorials very helpful. One thing that worked really well for me while still learning it is to look for solutions on YouTube. You can find tons of short clips of exactly what you may need to accomplish.

Most of them are under 5 minutes long so even in midst of editing I can switch back to watch a tutorial. I had no idea you needed to use key frames and opacity and now I discovered a totally new function I would probably learn sometime few months down the road. Ya, so I am not good at reading manuals, I think visualizing functionality is much better, for me anyway! Mon May 01, pm Small trick for W10 users who do not want automatic updates one that disrupts during work but be warned by a popup.

Afterwards, the update can be done when you want. Mon Jun 12, pm For W7 there were fixit but not all compatible with W For W10 there are FixWin It has been tested on Windows 10, bit and bit versions. We first suggest that you create a System Restore Point. Having done that, apply at least one time and restart your computer. It is supplied "as-is". The publisher or the author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of this software.

All product names, logos, and trademarks are acknowledged as the registered intellectual property of their respective owners. The tuts are quick, function specific, clear and charming. Certainly a new technical comparison is required of course value for money is very important too. Their tutos are free, which is unbelievable.

Sat Oct 07, pm Maybe a lot of response in the new version of the Manual Reference of September 08, Sat Nov 04, am I occasionally make tutorials for fun, which some people may find useful. These are the ones I have done so far. Video in Text. Mon Nov 20, pm I'm new to Resolve and sampled many of the tutorials online. I really like his style and he explains things so well while giving great tips throughout. I was concerned because he does not have a Resolve 14 version out but have found that using his Resolve 14 new features series with his Resolve They are very well organized by subjects so I can jump around to learn what I need quickly.

Fri Dec 08, pm I'm going to be starting a new YouTube series for Fairlight Tutorials so keep en eye out for that.

https://keymoymamiscti.gq Thu Dec 21, pm I've demonstrated some proxy and multicam workflows over on my channel. Here's one that has quite a few views:. Resolve Studio Mon Jan 01, pm I just want to add that lowepost. Browse through them and you can get some really interesting inputs, both technical and creative. They also got some video recordings from grading sessions that you can study and colorist forum that seems to be more active from day to day. In that forum you can also find a collection of tutorials.

It really helped me get accustomed to this software after switching from premiere and Vegas. In the hour long tutorial below, you can see how he used the plugin to colour grade an entire feature film, also edited in FCPX.

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You can find a lot more free tutorials from Denver here. Hedge for Mac is a DIT offload tool that allows you to quickly and easily back up and verify your footage to multiple destinations. The paid for Pro version allows for unlimited transfers and claims to be as fast as transferring in the Finder but with a secure verification! Just click this link to get 7 days of free access to Mixing Light. It is also available for FCPX. Promo code? You can also batch copy DCPs to your drive and validate that existing or new copies are not corrupt.

This app will give you the confidence to know that what you are shipping has been correctly formatted and validated.