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Due to the volume of domains becoming available for registration, the registry will be releasing these names place over five days. The release schedule is as follows:. Asia Registry is taking pre-launch orders for names being released later in the week. These will be queued and then submitted on the day of the release. This is the perfect time to get a highly desirable. UK name that has previously been unavailable.

Search through the list of names released. Page loads 10, domains in a batch. Click Next or Previous to navigate through the batches. As of late June , the majority of the airfield's pre-existing bunkers have been abandoned by the US military. As of September the Team was working on a Master Plan for the base, which may get as big as 20, soldiers. Following in the footsteps of our ever-popular GeminiJets line of civilian airliners, we have brought serious collecting to the military realm with our new GeminiAces.

The desert proved to be the perfect arena for aerial combat and the beautiful Bf 'Friedrich' excelled in these harsh conditions and quickly became the scourge of Allied airmen. This aircraft is presented in the standard Luftwaffe finish for the Western Desert. Neumann rose to command JG27 and survived the war, with 13 aerial combat victories to his name.

SxSW has begun in Austin.

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Although the music segment has not yet kicked off downtown is so crowded that it looks as if it had. Thus, you will probably need a real one of these to get around. This model has lots of extra detail, a great sand-weathered paint finish and comes with a half-body crew figure in the turret. It is in the marking of 15th Pz. That's right, we're circling the convention center is a full size instead of a scale Dragon Sd. It was used by the air forces of 28 nations, including those of most Allied powers during World War II, and remained in front line service until the end of the war.

By November , when production of the P ceased, 13, had been built. Great Models is being bought out by Sprue Brothers. From their inventory reduction before shipping what is left from Utah to Mo. Our final four plus one for this week is about to be posted.

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One of the most formidable was the Tiger Tank. This Tiger I was emblazoned with the battalion logo of a charging knight on its turret. Beginning with the real metal tracks and continuing with working tank suspension, exquisite sculpting, casting and painting detail, and including many removable elements and tools. The engine compartment is accessible and the detailed engine will be removable and can be displayed separately.

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This scale Tiger 1 tank is approximately 16 inches long 22 inches including the gun barrel and 9 inches wide. It includes a scale figure of the tank commander. This item has been 'retired' by the manufacturer, and will no longer be available once our current inventory sells out. Powered by a Allison V engine mounted behind the pilot, the PQ saw combat throughout the world particularly in the South Pacific, Russia and the Mediterranean. About this Model: First flown in , the Boeing P Peashooter was the first all-metal production fighter and the first pursuit monoplane accepted by the U.

Army Air Corps.

Measures 7" in wingspan and arrives ready to display on the included stand. Now that cloud of April Fools Day has passed, we can issue this weeks picks with confidence that each will taken seriously.


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First in April is the scale Forces of Valor U. The reload time is less than 5 minutes.

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  8. Standard Rockets engage targets up to 19 miles away and the new extended range rockets can hit targets up to 31 miles away. The scale vehicle is approximately 9 inches long, and has missile canisters that elevate plus a working suspension with tracks that roll. It comes complete with a commander figure. JPG She has a full coat of Zimmerit on hull and turret, accurate 3-tone camo scheme with weathering, accurate tracks with appropriate level of sag, includes a display base.

    Tail number is AJ Don't let the smaller size fool you, Century Wings has included every detail from the gun turret to the sheet metal panels are accurately depicted on the jet. This particular model depicts the aircraft in the normal flying configuration with gear extended. Additionally, the model comes with a beautiful display stand. Production is limited to 2, units worldwide with US Retailers receiving a significantly smaller portion of the total models. The Grumman F Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable geometry wing aircraft.

    The F was the United States Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance platform from to It was developed after the collapse of the FB project, and was the first of the American teen-series fighters which were designed incorporating the experience of air combat in Vietnam against MIGs. It entered service in with the U. Navy, replacing the F-4 Phantom II.

    It was later exported to the Imperial Iranian Air Force in It was retired from the U. The JS-2 had a mm DT main gun and 6 road wheels to improve soft ground track performance. In new specifications included new armor tempering, a degree glacis replaced the degree and the driver's front hatch was removed. Also a relocated wider porthole, improved mantlet, increased lower hull side armor and a new periscope sight. The commander's cupola moved to the left and a In 2, JS-2's were produced and no further improvements were made until Specifications : Crew: 4 Combat weight: 46 tons Power-to-weight ratio: With an inventory of 45 Tiger Is, the unit was ordered to counterattack the Allied bridgehead at Anzio between December and January In any event, the massed Tigers of s.

    During the Italian campaign, the unit received 32 further Tiger I tanks up till June to make up combat losses. Finally, s. The fully assembled and finished model is a Late Production variant of a tank fighting in Italy in To enable the depiction of Zimmerit, a completely new turret, upper and lower hull were produced. The Zimmerit is expertly crafted, representing as good a finish as only skillful modelers could achieve. The model is finished in an overall three-color camouflage finish, and this has been carefully painted onto the vehicle, which is itself an accurately dimensioned and detailed replica of the original tank.

    This Zimmerit coating adds a new look to an already popular tank, and contributes to an aggressive and attractive subject from the Italian theater. The scheme includes three shades of brown. Navy Main Features: - 1st in the series FB!

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    Navy — in the form of its FB Fighting Falcons! These Fighting Falcons were part of an embargoed Pakistan Air Force order that spent many years in storage in the dry climate of Arizona. After being readied for flight again, they were dispatched to NSAWC in ready to take up dissimilar air combat training duties. Premium features of this famous MIG killer include engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit with an optional-position canopy and a removable pilot figure, a rotating propeller, four 20mm cannons, removable wing-mounted ordnance and a centerline fuel tank, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings including a MIG kill symbol , and much more.

    Professionally painted. All markings pad applied for superb results. Cockpit slides open.

    Comes with a pilot that can be removed. Weapons are supplied. Comes with display stand. Can be displayed with landing gear up or down. Accurate collector's scale model. True to life detail. Tank tracks and wheels that roll. Turrets and gun barrels that turn. Hatches and access ports that open. A collectors card with a brief history of the vehicle.

    SdKfz Half-Track Sd.