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When getting a car on lease specials you are only paying a portion of the total cost of the vehicle when you lease instead of the entire amount. With a decent down payment you may be better off purchasing the car and getting a good interest rate; this is ideal if you plan on keeping your car for a longer amount of time. The ownership is yours when purchasing and therefore you have more freedoms with the car than you do when you lease a car. For those who do not have a down payment and may not qualify for the credit terms yet want to drive a luxury car such as a Lexus lease or Mercedes lease special may be exactly what you are looking for.

Getting Car Lease Deals NYC

Car leasing will almost always have monthly payments that are less than if you are buying the vehicle. You will want to make sure you can adhere to the conditions of the lease including those of the terms of the lease special. Having good timing and knowledge you should be able to get luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz lease on specials, BMW lease specials, Lexus leases, Infiniti leases, Ford leases in lease Special. In the market for an SUV or minivan; many models are leased and having lease rebates and lease specials by month end. With the financial considerations set aside, your lease or purchase decision is influenced by your lifestyle and personal preference. Do you get attached to your vehicle?


Do you keep your car for more than 4 years? If so you may want to purchase; however, if you get bored with a car after about two years, you are part of the growing number of Americans than are part of the leasing lifestyle, then you may be the ideal candidate for leasing. Car lease contracts allow for 12, to 15, miles a year and will charge extra for mileage beyond that. Additionally you will need to make sure the car is kept up in very good condition to avoid high end-of-lease costs.

When looking for car lease specials you will find a host of locations and dealerships as well as a host of car lease specials to take advantage of including car leasing short term deals. Lease Deals in New York. How it Works. Sign up to be notified when new leases become available:. Acura Ferrari 1.

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