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Some people need money right away. But what I advocate is to listen to yourself instead. A lot of people have worked for free and have kept quiet about it for a chance to break into an industry. Communication is a big part of being a freelancer and you might just find yourself losing out to people who take the time to hone their PR skills. Make it a point to say thank you whenever you can.

Make sure you follow up.

Let us know in the comments below! In my experience, a lot of first-time commissions come from word of mouth! When I first got started, I made sure to put the word out there that I was freelancing, and that if anyone needed a hand they can give me a call or contact me via email.

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But besides that, I find that being proactive about finding freelance work goes a long way — especially when you realize that those connections might take years to fully materialize. So the next best thing is to put your work up in front of people who are already looking. And that means in places where they go to look. Places like Behance and Dribble. On Instagram with the appropriate hashtags — not one made up by you!

Artists and illustrators coupon

The caveat is that it might take some time for others to notice you, especially with all the great work out there; but it pays to be persistent. There might be a few art directors and clients who might be checking you out on those websites, but the timing is not right just yet. There is more to you than just your ability to draw — what other stuff do you like doing?

Do you love reading? Join a book club! Do you love cooking? Join a community cook-out! Slapping on a couple of pictures from your school days or previous college assignment does not mean that your portfolio is complete! Back in the day, I get a lot of emails from graduating students and illustrators who were just starting out.

And if their work catches my eye, I post it up on the Pikaland blog though I rarely do this anymore because better platforms exist for that these days — Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. What I found out was that other blogs were checking out my blog to get news on the latest talent, and they picked up these artists too and featured them in their blog and magazines, which then helped these emerging artists gain a lot more buzz. Be genuinely interested in other people — listening to them, asking them helpful questions, thanking them for their time, etc — if you think that these gestures are unnecessary in the days of character tweets, think again.

And there you have it! Good luck Stefanie! Hi there and welcome to Pikaland! Shopping Bag 0.

Think you don't have a unique style? Think again! Sign up to get started:. Subscribe Now. Sign up. Angry at this whole industry that demeans us as designers, artists and illustrators. Good, paying ones too. Just remember to not be a victim. Share this:. Since this is my first one, how do you usually charge when you do a freelance job? Do you have any guide or advice? What is the standard price charged by illustrators in Malaysia?

So here are some questions to ask yourself: Competition Are you the only one pitching for the job? Duration How long will the project run for?


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What you can live with Some people need money right away. Any tips on how to get work as a freelance illustrator? Thanks in advance. So here are few steps that you can do right now: 1. Tell as many people as you can about what you do. Constantly add new work to your portfolio Slapping on a couple of pictures from your school days or previous college assignment does not mean that your portfolio is complete!

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Send an email to your favorite blogger Back in the day, I get a lot of emails from graduating students and illustrators who were just starting out. Connect with me! Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Twitter Instagram. Great stuff! Editorial Examples: work commissioned by newspapers or magazines, medical and scientific journals or online magazines. Promotional posters or advertisements depicting book art must be submitted in the book category.

Self-published books should be entered in the Uncommissioned category.

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Examples: illustrations created for merchandise such as carpets, pillows, rugs, clothing, food and beverage labels, etc. Also includes stationery and self-initiated greeting cards licensed for use by corporations. Illustrations used as murals should be entered in this category. Advertising Work created to sell a product, usually commissioned by an ad agency. Institutional Work commissioned by an institution such as government services, in-house, or a corporation. Examples: work appearing on announcements, annual reports, calendars, corporate projects, government service projects, greeting cards, newsletters, in-house publications, philatelic work and collectibles, stamps, work promoting a transportation authority or parks department, and work promoting a gallery.

Uncommissioned This includes all self-generated work such as portfolio samples, sourcebook ads and uncommissioned stock that are currently unpublished except as promotion for the artist or artist's representative. Commissioned but un-published work appearing as self-promotion should be entered in the category for which the work was originally done.

Art created for exhibits and gallery shows should be entered in this category, unless the art was used to promote the gallery then it should be entered in Institutional. There will be no art directors or clients credited for uncommissioned works. Illustrators 60 Call for Entries Join the premier showcase for illustrators!

Specs for Upload: Vertical images should be 72 dpi, jpeg, and can be up to px on the longest side.